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Time to Start Giving Upload Throughput More Respect


Sharing Digital Experiences is Part of Our Culture I pay my Internet Service Provider for 30 Mbps of download throughput and 5 Mbps of upload throughput. But this unbalanced ratio is no longer valid in today’s world. In 2017, we are not just content consumers, but we are all content creators too. Therefore, quickly uploading […]


Many places I frequent these days advertise free guest Wi-Fi, however, most of the time the experience is so poor and frustrating that I wonder if it would be better for the establishment to not offer free guest Wi-Fi at all. Whether it be in a store or a waiting room, the Free Guest Wi-Fi […]


As an IT professional, you’ve likely thought to yourself that you need better Wi-Fi monitoring to improve your personal productivity. Reason being, many Wi-Fi issues reported to you are intermittent, hard to locate, difficult to reproduce, and interestingly enough… not even related to Wi-Fi. As a result, you burn a lot of cycles throughout the […]