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Marvin at CiscoLive

Attendees Wow’ed by Mobile Eye at CiscoLive 2016

by Eric Camulli

The team is back from CiscoLive and wow, what a tremendous event. We launched Mobile Eye, our new app for measuring the Wi-Fi performance of mobile devices. The new product is in strong response to our customers who asked for visibility into the performance of their constituents’ smartphones and tablets, whether corporate owned and managed, or Read More

retail wi-fi better customer experience

Retail Wi-Fi with No Strategy, a Waste of Time and Money

by Eric Camulli

To complete my weekend Honey-Do list, I generally have to visit a variety of local retail establishments. Amazon.com is typically my go-to retailer. However, some items I need right now. Other items require a little hands-on interaction in order to make the right selection.  Retail is challenged right now. Brick and mortar stores are expensive to Read More

high density Wi-Fi at indoor arenas

Solving High Density Wi-Fi Issues Takes Teamwork

by Eric Camulli

Network engineers across all industries call 7signal when they need help monitoring and measuring the Wi-Fi experience in support of initiatives that improve efficiency, effectiveness and overall customer satisfaction. With a seating capacity of over 20,000 this challenge is none more true than at indoor arenas where enhancing the fan experience with high performance, high Read More

Wi-Fi adapter

Confusing Wi-Fi Labeling Should be a Federal Offense

by Eric Camulli

I recently went computer shopping with my wife and I was astonished at how challenging it was to identify one that would fit her needs. Her requirements where not complicated: less than a grand, fast for working with Office365 applications, including OneDrive, and fast web browsing. I wasn’t surprised by these specs, as the primary Read More

Guest Wi-Fi in coffee shop

Guest Wi-Fi Shouldn’t Feel So Unwelcoming

by Eric Camulli

I’ve been beta testing 7signal’s Mobile Eye for iOS for a few weeks now by taking Wi-Fi performance readings everywhere I go. The iPhone app measures ping, throughput, web page download speed and will also calculate a MOS score for VoIP testing. I enjoy logging into the EyeQ platform and tracking the history. It’s also Read More

CiscoLive! and 7signal

Value Prop Validation Received at CiscoLive!

by Eric Camulli

  We recently exhibited at CiscoLive! in San Diego. We gave a few hundred demonstrations to eager wireless LAN professionals looking for ways to increase operational efficiency and improve the Wi-Fi experience for their organizational customers. The event was remarkable and I commend Cisco for putting on an event so energizing and well organized.  Most Read More

2.4GHz Wi-Fi is Terrible

Plea for Greater Wi-Fi Education – Ignorance Perpetuates 2.4GHz, Promotes Frustration

by Eric Camulli

  When people ask your advice on specs when purchasing their own laptop for work or home, you probably give them some minimum requirements for CPU, memory and disk space. You might also tell them about screen size and resolution. But are you failing your comrade by neglecting to mention minimum Wi-Fi requirements? It’s not Read More

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