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Wi-Fi monitoring

Access Points Fall Short On Wi-Fi Monitoring

by Jeff Reedy

Enterprise WLAN vendors have long had the ability to turn access points (APs) into Wi-Fi monitoring sensors, and recent announcements by the major vendors have renewed interest into whether this makes “sense” (no pun intended). Certainly as Wi-Fi transitions from a nice-to-have to a must-have infrastructure asset, WLAN vendors see the market need to create Read More

WLAN performance test bake off

6 Elements for a Successful WLAN Performance Test Bake-off

by Jeff Reedy

Since 7signal provides a vendor agnostic Wi-Fi Performance Management system, several institutions have used our solution to measure end-user experience in vendor bake-offs as they contemplate an upgrade to their WLAN.  Evaluating WLAN vendors is not easy – there are many factors to consider beyond WLAN performance tests, such as access control, WLAN/LAN integration, as Read More

Mobile Experience Metrics

5 Key Mobile Experience Metrics for Enterprises

by Jeff Reedy

At 7signal we’ve discovered about 50% of the problems affecting the mobile experience that enterprises find with our EyeQ Performance Management software has little to do with Wi-Fi.  You can spend a lot of time looking at spectrum analysis, channel utilization and other RF metrics without understanding why users are having a bad mobile experience Read More


The Story Behind the EyeQ Executive Dashboard

by Jeff Reedy

At 7signal we faced a challenge – our Sapphire Wi-Fi Performance Management System makes a lot of measurements and performs an abundance of tests in order to analyze the end-user Wi-Fi experience.

Mobile Wi-Fi devices

Mobile-First – Business Case or Just a Trend?

by Jeff Reedy

7signal is working with many enterprises that want to “cut the cord.”  At home, cutting the cord means getting rid of your landline or dropping Cable TV subscription.  In business, it means phasing out desktop computers and phones, prioritizing deployment of mobile apps, and ensuring Wi-Fi is reliable enough as the primary network.

5 Steps to Resolve Wi-Fi Client Issues

by Jeff Reedy

  IT managers that operate significant Wi-Fi networks have come to understand this maxim – the majority of Wi-Fi issues are client problems. The percentage is up for debate – some will say 60%, some 75%, and some 80%. The end users may have old (or new) software or adapters, their laptop may be full Read More

7signal Wi-Fi Bracketology

Wi-Fi Bracketology

by Jeff Reedy

  I stared at my bracket this year with the usual hopelessness. Then I realized I had been on a lot of these campuses recently, so I felt connected with a lot of schools. There are a lot of universities that have deployed 7signal’s Wi-Fi Performance Management system in the last year. So I thought Read More

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