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Measure WLAN performance

Measuring Wi-Fi Performance from Mobile Devices

by Mark Cowtan

Measuring Wi-Fi performance from a mobile device is easy, there are lots of mobile apps that can do this. Measuring is the easy part. The hard part is aggregating and analyzing that data on a network-wide basis.


How “Controls” help you isolate Wi-Fi issues

by Mark Cowtan

Experienced wireless networking professionals know that reliable and consistent Wi-Fi performance is never guaranteed. Sooner or later performance black spots show up, somewhere in your network.


The Trouble with Wi-Fi Troubleshooting!

by Mark Cowtan

Your users have become pretty dependent on the wireless network, and reliable Wi-Fi performance is something they expect. But when they can’t connect, or downloads take forever they understandably, complain. Their productivity suddenly becomes your problem!

What to improve

26% of users say Wi-Fi performance problems never get fully resolved

by Mark Cowtan

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably figured out we like measuring stuff – specifically Wi-Fi performance from the user perspective. In June 2015 we took a stab at measuring something much less scientific, namely users’ requirements and expectations of their wireless networks.

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