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Mobile Eye™ is Here to Watch Your Wireless Woobie

by Eric Camulli
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Okay, I’m admitting it.  My iPhone is my wireless woobie.  It’s literally with me where ever I go and it helps me feel connectedSleeping with your wireless smartphone and secure.  It wakes me up and puts me to sleep. It’s my trusted weatherman, news anchor, personal trainer and financial adviser.  It’s my radio, television, bedtime book and gaming console.

Woobie” is the affectionate nickname Army soldiers call their cozy military blankets. If the term is still not familiar to you, then I would also refer you to the 1983 film “Mr. Mom”.

Can you say that your smartphone is your woobie? While no research contributed to this blog, I’m betting there are millions of others, just like me, who would turn back home if they suddenly realized they left the house without their woobie (mobile device) because the separation anxiety would be just a bit too much to bear.

This is not a crime nor a mental disorder and my confession is not part of therapy.  There is no shame in admitting that you carry your smartphone with you where ever you go. It’s simply a reflection of the times.  We don’t want to be tethered.  We need to be connected because we live in a world without wires. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE technology are already ubiquitous. Getting connected is not really the issue. Rather it’s the quality and level of productivity associated with wireless experiences that is the challenge of today.

Organizations everywhere face wireless experience challenges. They are in reactive-mode, physically chasing down wireless issues with handheld tools. This approach is particularly inconvenient when your managing a global network with dozens of offices and thousands of employees, each of whom are depending upon multiple wireless devices in order to get their jobs done.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Keeping an Eye on Your Wireless Devices

We created Mobile Eye so that you can be proactive and have both configuration and wireless device performance data brought directly to you.   It keeps an eye on the quality of experience that woobies bring to your people from all over your organization. Its a powerful combination of data sets that offers fascinating analytics.

  • Identify your best and worst performing clients and access points by device and by time of day
  • Discover those clients that are most “sticky” and refuse to roam
  • Locate where Wi-Fi experiences are good and bad across your entire organization

The cultural shift toward wireless mobility cannot be stopped. The security of being connected derived from the wireless woobie is taking hold. Therefore, proactive systems, not reactive tools, are necessary to monitor and measure the wireless experience. Great Wi-Fi design is critical, however it’s static. Your environment, with all of its people and devices is dynamic, changing everyday, every week and every year.

I’m sure no one else will ever refer to their wireless device as a woobie like me. But I have recognized this reality, along with the importance of a wireless woobie performance management system.

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