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EyeQ Cloud


EyeQ Wi-Fi performance management platform in the cloud

Proactive Wi-Fi performance management as a service

EyeQ Cloud is a software-as-a-service Wi-Fi performance management solution, which enables enterprises to optimize the Wi-Fi user experience, and maximize the performance, capacity and ultimately the ROI of their wireless LAN infrastructure.

EyeQ Cloud collects more than 600 real-time performance metrics from Sapphire Eye sensors and from users’ mobile devices running the Mobile Eye app. Collected data is analyzed in the cloud, and presented as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the EyeQ Dashboard on any browser.

Network administrators can instantly identify degraded WLAN performance, examine historical trends and drill down to rapidly diagnose performance issues anywhere in the network without dispatching an engineer.

EyeQ Cloud dramatically reduces the TCO of operating business-critical wireless LANs by providing unprecedented visibility of the Wi-Fi user experience. It simplifies problem resolution, especially in remote locations, and enables IT to meet end-user Wi-Fi performance SLAs network-wide.

EyeQ Cloud Benefits

  • Enterprise-wide visibility of Wi-Fi performance from any browser
  • Enables IT to set and fulfill Wi-Fi user experience SLAs
  • Find and fix WLAN issues before users notice or complain
  • Boost productivity by improving the Wi-Fi user experience for all
  • Track WLAN performance as the devices mix and usage evolve
  • Verify the true impact of WLAN configuration changes
  • Reduces the TCO of operating business-critical WLANs
  • Rapid SaaS deployment model with no CAPEX
  • Reliable hosted service with automatic backups and upgrades
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