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Wi-Fi Performance Solutions for Different Organizations

With the growth of commercial and personal wireless devices, Wi-Fi performance management has reached a tipping point in terms of its importance to the operational efficiency of many organizations. Whether it be in the warehouse, coffee shop, hospital, classroom or enterprise Wi-Fi is widely seen as a mission critical asset because of how it enables customers, students and professionals to enhance their ability to both collaborate and communicate.

Organizations seeking to improve the productivity and effectiveness of the employees who depend on Wi-Fi to perform their jobs, rely on 7signal’s Sapphire system to optimize, manage and assure long-term WLAN stability and performance.

Comprehensive WLAN User Experience Testing

Unlike other WLAN monitoring systems that measure performance from the central controller out to the clients, 7signal designed their system from the outside-in, with the end-user experience at the center. User experience testing simulates real-world Wi-Fi network usage in the form of 24×7 HTTP, FTP, SIP and URL testing. From this continuous testing, 7signal experiences the true Wi-Fi performance of the network throughout the course of the day and night, and measures throughput and latency as well as jitter that causes poor VoIP system call quality.

Wi-Fi Analytics and Actionable Intelligence

7signal combines this Wi-Fi experience data with information it collects from wireless access points and clients to create a Wi-Fi analytics software suite that enables network administrators to drill down to the deepest levels of RF. With a single click of the mouse, the system returns a Wi-Fi health and wellness check and identifies every strength and weakness of the WLAN environment. With another click, the system provides a list of action items for improving the performance of the Wi-Fi network.

7signal prides itself on the unique ability to take the mystery out of managing and optimizing Wi-Fi networks. We’ve poured over 100 years of combined wireless, mobility and WLAN experience into creating Wi-Fi performance solutions that help organizations achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace through increased wireless collaboration and communication.

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