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More and more organizations are building open workspaces to promote collaboration and communication among departments. Reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi networks are the expectation for this generation of ultra-connected, highly mobile workers. To support initiatives that create a corporate culture of innovation, Wi-Fi networks are deployed to support:

  • Unified Communications
  • Online Collaboration
  • Video Conferencing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Cloud-based CRM and ERP

Very Wired, Light On Wi-Fi

Most office buildings were built for wired networks with multiple Ethernet connections installed in every office, cube and conference room. But times and technology are changing rapidly. To elevate productivity and encourage creativity, you implement a liberal BYOD policy. However, tablets, smartphones and ultrabooks don’t have Ethernet ports and this contributes to Wi-Fi congestion, throughput and latency issues experienced by workers, consultants and guests who are all trying to get work done.

Mobility and Wi-Fi as a Competitive Advantage

When the Wi-Fi experience is poor, workers are hindered and cannot execute the strategic initiative to improve inter-department communication as directed from senior management. However, reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi promotes increased communication because it inspires workers to use the devices and technologies they most efficiently use every day, while on-the-go. In this Age of the Consumer, businesses need to conduct commerce at the speed their customers do. Enterprises need to be agile to compete and win. Therefore, a robust Wi-Fi infrastructure is required to meet the challenge.

7signal Offers That Competitive Edge

While interference, poor performing access points and channel changing algorithms are all plaguing your competitors’ workplaces and hampering their ability to service customers in the speedy way they expect, your employees are nimble and proactive because of 7signal’s Wi-Fi performance management system.


7signal monitors and tests the end-user Wi-Fi experience 24 hours a day and proactively reports to you any dips in service that might inhibit your employees’ ability to get work done or serve customers. 7signal provides Wi-Fi analytics as a result of tracking and trending Wi-Fi performance. This actionable intelligence ensures your organization is working in concert with the wireless devices and cloud-based systems all around them to deliver the best and most responsive customer care.

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