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Phone in bed

Mobile Eye™ is Here to Watch Your Wireless Woobie

by Eric Camulli

Okay, I’m admitting it.  My iPhone is my wireless woobie.  It’s literally with me where ever I go and it helps me feel connected and secure.  It wakes me up and puts me to sleep. It’s my trusted weatherman, news anchor, personal trainer and financial adviser.  It’s my radio, television, bedtime book and gaming console. Read More

retail wi-fi better customer experience

Retail Wi-Fi with No Strategy, a Waste of Time and Money

by Eric Camulli

To complete my weekend Honey-Do list, I generally have to visit a variety of local retail establishments. Amazon.com is typically my go-to retailer. However, some items I need right now. Other items require a little hands-on interaction in order to make the right selection.  Retail is challenged right now. Brick and mortar stores are expensive to Read More

Mobile Experience Metrics

5 Key Mobile Experience Metrics for Enterprises

by Jeff Reedy

At 7signal we’ve discovered about 50% of the problems affecting the mobile experience that enterprises find with our EyeQ Performance Management software has little to do with Wi-Fi.  You can spend a lot of time looking at spectrum analysis, channel utilization and other RF metrics without understanding why users are having a bad mobile experience Read More

Guest Wi-Fi in coffee shop

Guest Wi-Fi Shouldn’t Feel So Unwelcoming

by Eric Camulli

I’ve been beta testing 7signal’s Mobile Eye for iOS for a few weeks now by taking Wi-Fi performance readings everywhere I go. The iPhone app measures ping, throughput, web page download speed and will also calculate a MOS score for VoIP testing. I enjoy logging into the EyeQ platform and tracking the history. It’s also Read More

5 Steps to Resolve Wi-Fi Client Issues

by Jeff Reedy

  IT managers that operate significant Wi-Fi networks have come to understand this maxim – the majority of Wi-Fi issues are client problems. The percentage is up for debate – some will say 60%, some 75%, and some 80%. The end users may have old (or new) software or adapters, their laptop may be full Read More

7signal Top 20 most promising Campus Tech

Managing Campus Wi-Fi Like a Strategic Asset

by Jeff Reedy

  We are pleased to announce that 7signal has been featured as one of CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Campus Tech Solution Providers. I was interviewed by CIOReview’s editors and below is the resulting article that they recently published. You can also link to the published  article and read it on their website here on page Read More

Is Retail Wi-Fi Ready for the Holidays?

by Eric Camulli

  Black Friday is right around the corner and retailers are gearing up for what they hope is a happy and profitable holiday season. Everybody knows that traditional retail continues to battle against the Amazon’s of the world. The term ‘showrooming’ refers to consumers who get a look at products in-store, then buy online. To Read More

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