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The advent of the wireless economy

How to Stimulate the Wireless Economy

by Eric Camulli

According to RCRWireless, the global mobile workforce is set to increase to 1.87 billion people or 42.5% of the global workforce in 2022, up from 38.8% in 2016.  But this stat is not just about working remotely or collaboratively. It’s a reflection of what’s required in order to compete in what Andrew Seybold refers to Read More

RF Automation showdown

A Data-Driven Comparison of Cisco and Aruba’s RF Automation – Part 1

by Veli-Pekka Ketonen

Wi-Fi RF automation is a hot topic. Not because it’s new (it’s not) but because there are strong believers and non-believers. The discussion lacks facts and measurement data, which we will cover in this 2-part blog. 7signal worked in cooperation with Avans University of Applied Science to characterize 802.11ac Wi-Fi performance and behavior in their environment. Read More

CiscoLive! and 7signal

Value Prop Validation Received at CiscoLive!

by Eric Camulli

  We recently exhibited at CiscoLive! in San Diego. We gave a few hundred demonstrations to eager wireless LAN professionals looking for ways to increase operational efficiency and improve the Wi-Fi experience for their organizational customers. The event was remarkable and I commend Cisco for putting on an event so energizing and well organized.  Most Read More

Internet Of Things Will Transform Customer Service

by Eric Camulli

  When we refer to the Internet of Things today, our first inclination may be to imagine a device around the home connected to a mobile app that provides us statistical information regarding usage. This has rapidly morphed into a control app, allowing us the ability to modify a set of parameters based on said Read More

Is Retail Wi-Fi Ready for the Holidays?

by Eric Camulli

  Black Friday is right around the corner and retailers are gearing up for what they hope is a happy and profitable holiday season. Everybody knows that traditional retail continues to battle against the Amazon’s of the world. The term ‘showrooming’ refers to consumers who get a look at products in-store, then buy online. To Read More

Poor Wi-Fi Antenna Placement Is A Performance Killer

by Veli-Pekka Ketonen

  Antennas are probably the most undervalued and poorly understood elements in WLAN networks. Many times, critical networks are designed with aesthetic aspects as the main driver. No wonder Wi-Fi network performance is such a disappointment in so many places. Radio wave propagation is a complex thing. Radio waves propagate, attenuate, reflect, refract, bend and Read More

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