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Wi-Fi is lifeblood of next gen hospital care

Wi-Fi Wearables are the Lifeblood of Next Gen Hospital Care

by Eric Camulli

Your hospital is a very busy place, meaning, on-the-go mobility is built into your system of providing outstanding, responsive hospital care. Telemetry, records, engagement and tracking will all be managed wirelessly – if they are not already. And, as medical technology advances, more sensors, devices and “things” will require mission-critical Wi-Fi connectivity. As a result, many Read More

Phone in bed

Mobile Eye™ is Here to Watch Your Wireless Woobie

by Eric Camulli

Okay, I’m admitting it.  My iPhone is my wireless woobie.  It’s literally with me where ever I go and it helps me feel connected and secure.  It wakes me up and puts me to sleep. It’s my trusted weatherman, news anchor, personal trainer and financial adviser.  It’s my radio, television, bedtime book and gaming console. Read More

The advent of the wireless economy

How to Stimulate the Wireless Economy

by Eric Camulli

According to RCRWireless, the global mobile workforce is set to increase to 1.87 billion people or 42.5% of the global workforce in 2022, up from 38.8% in 2016.  But this stat is not just about working remotely or collaboratively. It’s a reflection of what’s required in order to compete in what Andrew Seybold refers to Read More

RF automation comparison

A Data-Driven Comparison of Cisco and Aruba’s RF Automation – Part 2

by Veli-Pekka Ketonen

In part 1 of our blog on RF automation, we began to compare Cisco and Aruba’s RF automation features using 7signal’s system of Sapphire Eyes and Mobile Eyes for Wi-Fi performance Management. We looked at power levels and channel balance. Today, we are going to continue our comparison by taking a closer look at channel stability, Read More

Marvin at CiscoLive

Attendees Wow’ed by Mobile Eye at CiscoLive 2016

by Eric Camulli

The team is back from CiscoLive and wow, what a tremendous event. We launched Mobile Eye, our new app for measuring the Wi-Fi performance of mobile devices. The new product is in strong response to our customers who asked for visibility into the performance of their constituents’ smartphones and tablets, whether corporate owned and managed, or Read More

Wi-Fi adapter

Confusing Wi-Fi Labeling Should be a Federal Offense

by Eric Camulli

I recently went computer shopping with my wife and I was astonished at how challenging it was to identify one that would fit her needs. Her requirements where not complicated: less than a grand, fast for working with Office365 applications, including OneDrive, and fast web browsing. I wasn’t surprised by these specs, as the primary Read More

5 Steps to Resolve Wi-Fi Client Issues

by Jeff Reedy

  IT managers that operate significant Wi-Fi networks have come to understand this maxim – the majority of Wi-Fi issues are client problems. The percentage is up for debate – some will say 60%, some 75%, and some 80%. The end users may have old (or new) software or adapters, their laptop may be full Read More

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