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Career Spotlight - The Future of the Wireless Network Engineer 2020

According to the Wi-Fi Alliance there are 9 billion Wi-Fi devices on the market and 3 billion new devices being added each year. This means new wireless technology is constantly being added to your network - and your boss is expecting it to work flawlessly. How will you keep up? What does the future hold for the Wireless Engineer? Watch this webinar, and we'll answer these questions for you.


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Wireless Network Monitoring

7SIGNAL makes complicated Wireless Network Monitoring easy 

7SIGNAL is for organizations that rely on mission critical Wi-Fi to conduct business.  We offer an enterprise cloud Wireless Network Monitoring (WNM) platform that continuously monitors the wireless network for performance issues – maximizing network uptime, device connectivity and network ROI.

We aren’t like other providers because we measure Wi-Fi performance from the client’s point of view and provide data that is not tracked by the Wireless LAN vendor.

The wireless network plays a critical role in the success of a business; from saving lives in a hospital; to merchandise transactions in retail; logistics monitoring in manufacturing; enhancing productivity in high density enterprises and much more.  Get the tools you need to ensure your wireless network is reliable.


  • I like my 7SIGNAL sensors more than I like my access points.

    Network Engineer Lead

    Large Children's Hosptial

  • A malfunctioning LAN is often equated by users with a malfunctioning Wi-Fi. It is therefore important for network and Wi-Fi operators to monitor their infrastructure around the clock. The Wi-Fi operator can permanently monitor performance agreements to be observed by its users and proactively adapt its infrastructure to changing requirements. For this, 7SIGNAL is the only company offering a complete and reliable solution.

    Korbinian Meier, Manager


  • We are pleased to partner with 7SIGNAL to bring their leading-edge Wi-Fi performance management solutions to our customers. The increase in personal devices and the rise of the Internet of Things makes Wi-Fi connectivity a critical consideration in every technology implementation. Our customers can now leverage 7SIGNAL’s solutions to cater to their end users’ wireless collaboration and communication requirements.

    Sundaresan Kanappan, Vice President and Country General Manager, India


  • Our goal is to discover and solve Wi-Fi issues in real-time, whether they originate at the access point or there is a problem with one of the over 600 devices on our wireless network. With the 7SIGNAL software, we have a complete view of the wireless experience from the air to the end point. With their professional services, we have peace of mind knowing that when we need additional expertise it’s just a phone call away.

    Russell Burnett, Director of IT


  • We invested in wireless networks because we want to continually enhance communication and increase collaboration. To accomplish this, we need a system that monitors and measures the Wi-Fi experience 24 by seven. We identified 7SIGNAL as a comprehensive Wi-Fi performance management system that met our requirements.

    Jay La Valle, Lead Infrastructure Engineer

    American Fidelity

  • In my 40 year career as a RF engineer, 7signal is the only source that gives me the clients's perspective- the ability to feel the clients' pain points in real time--AND remotely.

    Chris Sokol

    Kaiser Permanente

  • Mobile Eye has been great. One of the challenges I’ve had is a lack of standardization in the adapters and drivers that were installed in the WOWs (Workstations on Wheels.)

    Jim Vajda, Senior Wireless Engineer and CWNE

    The Christ Hospital Health Network

  • In the past, I’ve had people working for six months trying to resolve problems that turned out to be the vendor’s issue. Now we have data that we can push back to the vendor with a lot more confidence.

    Tom Ogg, CIO

    Akron Children’s Hospital

  • Without a system in place, you can’t put your finger on the issues. So, it is hard to correct what’s wrong or verify what’s right.

    Steve Gammon, Senior Wireless Network Engineer

    Beaumont Health System

  • I love seeing 7signal evolve, offer new options because they measure like no one else.

    Lee Badman, Wi-Fi Architect


  • I am very positive about 7SIGNAL. They know WiFi inside out, are vendor neutral and have a hands-on, pragmatic approach.

    Kees Pronk, Network Administrator

    Avans University

  • We are no longer flying blind. My goal was to have a system that enabled us to take proactive steps to improve Wi-Fi performance and resolve issues before people complained. 7signal delivered on its promises and our team is now equipped to support more applications and more devices as we move forward.

    Greg Slattery, CIO

    Community Health and Wellness Centers


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