CiscoLive Delivers Amazing Wi-Fi Experiences, According to Mobile Eye

CiscoLive Delivers Amazing Wi-Fi Experiences, According to Mobile Eye

As always, CiscoLive delivered – on a variety of levels. It all began at Paris Sunday night with dinner at Gordon Ramsay Steak with an amazing group of 7SIGNAL VIP’s from organizations like Sentera, Charter Communications and The NFL. It was quite possibly the best ribeye steak I’ve ever had. But even better was the conversation, which was centered around delivering better wireless experiences for patients, customers, associates, and fans.

The 7SIGNAL team met at booth #408 Monday morning to get acquainted with the demos. We were using Mobile Eye™ to track and trend, monitor and measure the Wi-Fi experience at CiscoLive’s World of Solutions showcase. Shortly after 10AM, an onslaught of humanity devoured our booth. Crowds of wireless network engineers and others gathered around to listen to the story. Upon conclusion, all agreed that 7SIGNAL was the perfect complement to Cisco Prime for a few key reasons.

  1. 7SIGNAL could capture and characterize the roaming behavior of smartphones, tablets and laptops using the Wi-Fi network.
  2. We could validate the performance of the network to ensure users were having the best Wi-Fi experience.
  3. Any issues regarding interference, congestion or access point beacon availability could be reported upon immediately with 7SIGNAL alerting.

In the evening, 7SIGNAL hosted a Happy Hour for attendees at Lily’s Bar and Lounge at The Bellagio. It was a great way to end an exciting day.

Tuesday morning, I fired up my laptop computer at the booth to set up for the demo. At a glance, I was able to compare the Wi-Fi performance I received between my hotel room at Paris and CiscoLive at Mandalay Bay. Needless to say, the Wi-Fi at Ciscolive (#clus) was screaming fast. I had set a service level target of 5 Mbps, which I was only achieving 78% of the time at Paris, whereas at CiscoLive, I hit the target almost 96% of the time.


In addition, I was able to see Cisco’s Radio Resource Management (RRM) in full effect as Mobile Eye tracked channel changes across different radios, signal strength and throughput results. I was impressed with how well I was able to maintain consistent Wi-Fi performance on the show floor with about 20 other SSIDs and hundreds of people all around me.


CiscoLive is always a great opportunity for us to see our customers, meet new people and catch a glimpse of the future by witnessing amazing keynotes featuring awesome innovations. We generated a lot of interest in our Wi-Fi performance management system because of how mission critical it has become in most people’s environments.

If you are tired of walking around with troubleshooting tools and finding nothing wrong after people complain about poor Wi-Fi experiences, then please reach out to us.  We are happy to help.

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