7signal Awarded Patent for Wi-Fi Performance Sensor

Continuous end-to-end user experience testing provides proactive WLAN service assurance

Orlando, FL and Akron, OH — 7signal, the leader in Wi-Fi performance management solutions, announced at the HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition, the issuing of patent 8,654,660 by the USPTO, which describes and protects a system and method for end-to-end Wi-Fi service assurance and quality monitoring.

Wireless networks regularly suffer from technology related issues significantly impacting the end user experience. 7signal’s invention ensures quality for the data traffic in the network. Quality can be verified and efficiently maintained by monitoring the functionalities of the wireless network utilizing 7signal’s Sapphire Eye sensor.

The Sapphire Eye reveals whether the desired connections or services are available or whether a sufficient quality level for the connection is reached. The Eye continually runs active tests that measure what the network is capable of in terms of performance and what clients can hope to expect in terms of throughput, latency and jitter on VoIP calls. The Eye also collects and measures data indicating whether clients can take advantage of network’s performance capabilities.

The monitoring of the radio interface only is not sufficient. Neither is the monitoring of the wired connection. Today’s systems are not capable of measuring and analyzing how clients and users experience the network and thus, makes the network vulnerable to degraded service quality.

For a productive and satisfying end-user Wi-Fi experience, continuous end-to-end testing of desired functionality is required. The Sapphire Eye includes a software component which gives it the ability to measure, analyze, optimize and verify Wi-Fi network performance from the end-user’s point of view. This process, known as the 7signal Wi-Fi Performance Cycle™, provides the on-going service assurance that is required to meet the mission critical WLAN needs of hospitals, universities and enterprises.

About 7signal

7signal is The Wi-Fi Performance Company focused on improving the Wi-Fi experience for end users everywhere. Using its Wi-Fi Performance Cycle™ model for service assurance, 7signal helps its customers achieve peak Wi-Fi performance in support of initiatives that help businesses grow, increase operational efficiency and elevate worker productivity. It’s no longer good enough to simply have Wi-Fi. In this Age of Connectedness, 7signal makes sure Wi-Fi works well, all the time.