7signal CTO Demos Mobile Eye, Talks Wi-Fi Performance at Wireless LAN Professionals Conference 2016

Today, Veli-Pekka Ketonen, founder and CTO of 7signal, The Wi-Fi Performance Company, is demonstrating the new Mobile Eye for smartphones and presenting “Wi-Fi Performance Measurements” at this years’ Wireless LAN Professionals Conference (WLPC) in Phoenix, Arizona. WLPC is an annual gathering of many of the brightest Wi-Fi performance engineers and specialists in the world. They come to learn about innovations taking place in the industry, share and promote best wireless practices, as well as discuss the state of Wi-Fi today.Mobile Eye Results

Ketonen, a 25 year veteran of wireless technologies, will introduce one of these innovations in the form of 7signal’s new Mobile Eye, a Wi-Fi performance app for smartphones. Currently in beta, WLPC conferenceattendees will be able to catch a glimpse of the new app which enables enterprise WLAN professionals to gather real-time Wi-Fi performance data from mobile devices all over their enterprise.  Location and device platform information is collected, in addition to Wi-Fi performance statistics such as throughput, delay, webpage download time and MOS score for voice quality. This unique combination of data elements delivers comprehensive, yet easy to understand views into where, when and how your Wi-Fi network is performing through 7signal’s cloud EyeQ platform.

Ketoten’s presentation at 2:45 pm MT explores these insights with a deep dive into all of the elements that make up a highly productive, efficient Wi-Fi user experience.  In addition to explaining how different device clients behave differently over Wi-Fi, Ketonen also clarifies the myriad of steps that must be proactively monitored and measured in order to provide true end-to-end WLAN network assurance.

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