7signal Exhibits Wi-Fi Solutions for Universities at NERCOMP

Providence, RI — 7signal, the leader in Wi-Fi performance management solutions, is at NERCOMP demonstrating its Sapphire™ solution to improve the Wi-Fi experience for students and faculty at universities. NERCOMP is affiliated with Educause and represents the Northeast Region.

NERCOMP consists of the people behind technology in higher education and as more smart devices show up on campus, demands on resources, expertise and time become greater and greater. Reaching mission critical status is the performance of the Wi-Fi network. Student and faculty access it every day in order to complete their work and enhance the educational experience on campus. Dips in performance at the wrong time can destroy a great lecture or class presentation.

7signal not only optimizes Wi-Fi networks, but puts a system in place to provide long term assurance so that as the number of wireless devices and applications used by students and faculty continues to increase, Wi-Fi performance does not degrade to the point where it inhibits teaching or learning.

The platform includes a set a sensors called Sapphire Eyes that collect information around campus in addition to exercising the Wi-Fi network with a battery of active tests that run 24 hours a day. These tests simulate students and faculty using the network and measures uploads, downloads, delays and voice quality. The data is collected and processed by 7signal’s software that offers a rich set of Wi-Fi performance analytics. The system empowers network administrators with a proactive set of information and alerts which allows them to get ahead of Wi-Fi performance issues before students and faculty complain.