7signal Expands the Sapphire Eye Family

Solution enables economical and easy coverage of entire Wi-Fi / WLAN

7signal Solutions, the industry leader in Wireless Performance Assurance and Optimization solutions for mission critical Enterprise Wi-Fi / WLAN applications, announces several product additions to its Sapphire platform.

The first addition is the Sapphire Soft Eye, a software application for laptops that provides the ability to expand the Sapphire’s coverage to new areas quickly and easily. Like Sapphire’s standard Eyes, the Soft Eye provides powerful Wi-Fi measurements starting from the end-user and application layer perspective. Key Performance Indicators such as throughput, packet loss, jitter, latency and voice MOS scores provide the starting point for baselining performance and troubleshooting issues. The Soft Eye communicates with Sapphire’s powerful Carat analysis software, which can reside on the same laptop, creating a self contained tool, or run on a server anywhere on the network.

The second addition to the Sapphire Eye family is the Micro Eye, a solution to expand Sapphire’s coverage to small or remote areas in a footprint the size of a deck of playing cards. The Micro-Eye is based on the standard Raspberry Pie ARM based platform with the AUS N53 USB WLAN adapter. The Micro-Eye is the ideal complement to 7signal’s standard Eye and Soft Eye solutions that provide comprehensive and continuous measurements for proactive analysis and optimization, enabling Wi-Fi networks to deliver fast, reliable performance.

“The Soft Eye and Micro Eye are game-changers for 7signal,” said Jeff Reedy, CEO of the company. “Customers have been asking for the ability to expand the coverage of 7signal’s powerful performance assurance and optimization platform to all parts of an enterprise economically and effortlessly. The solutions also open up new markets for 7signal such as managed service providers who provide Wi-Fi service to many locations.” Both the Soft Eye and Micro Eye will be available in November.

“Finally we have an intelligent automated way to capture and visualize important indicators of wireless LAN performance directly from a laptop or a small form factor. These new tools will speed up our current manual processes of gathering, interpreting and suggesting appropriate adjustments to achieve optimal WLAN performance,” said Keith R. Parsons, Managing Director, Wireless LAN Professionals, Inc.

About 7signal

7signal has developed Sapphire, a cross-industry Wi-Fi / WLAN Performance Assurance and Optimization Platform for healthcare, education and other enterprises. Sapphire provides a proactive, continuous, and comprehensive way to ensure fast, reliable WLAN operation by providing unique visibility into the “last hop” of the wireless network.