7signal Keeps an Eye on Wi-Fi at Interop

Sapphire Eyes proactively monitor Wi-Fi performance

Las Vegas, NV — 7signal, the Wi-Fi Performance Company, is featuring its patented Sapphire Eye sensors and software analytics at Interop, the leading independent technology conference designed to inspire and inform the world’s IT community, to monitor, track and trend the Wi-Fi experience for thousands of conference attendees.

7signal is performing this service in conjunction with InteropNet, which provides high-speed network connectivity to the Interop attendees and exhibitors. InteropNet strives for 100 percent reliability and zero downtime and has asked 7signal to help them meet that goal.

The Wi-Fi performance management system that 7signal has put in place at Interop includes a set of sophisticated sensors called Sapphire Eyes. In addition to measuring all the Wi-Fi activity between clients and wireless access points, the sensors also behave as clients themselves on the network and continually test its performance for reliability, reporting all findings back to the Sapphire Wi-Fi analytics software also developed by 7signal.

“You can’t see Wi-Fi, so performance management has been a bit of a mystery to some network administrators,” said Jeff Reedy, CEO of 7signal. “The Wi-Fi analytics we’ve developed takes all of the data collected by the Eyes and gives you a complete Wi-Fi health check as well as a set of action items you can take in order to optimize your existing Wi-Fi network. Mystery solved”.

The Wi-Fi analytics software is the product of over 100 years of combined WLAN expertise and talent that 7signal has assembled from leading suppliers in the mobility and WLAN industries. The web-based dashboard included with the system allows administrators to set service level targets for Wi-Fi performance and receive proactive notifications when performance begins to slip out of compliance for application level metrics and drill down to the packet and RF level for detailed analysis and resolution.

All together, the 7signal system is measuring 600 different key performance indicators at Interop, making it the most comprehensive system on the market today for Wi-Fi performance management and service assurance. The all-inclusive nature of the product combined with attendee demand for peak performing Wi-Fi were contributing factors to why InteropNet invited 7signal to participate in this year’s event.

InteropNet offers unique educational opportunities for the team of volunteers helping at the show and also serves as a multi-vendor showcase of emerging, cutting edge technology. Each year, volunteers from leading companies dedicate their time and energy to come together and build this system from the ground-up and 7signal is proud to be participating this year.