7signal Monitors Wi-Fi Experience at INTEROP

LAS VEGAS, NV — 7signal, the Wi-Fi Performance Company, is featuring its Wi-Fi software analytics at INTEROP, to monitor, track and trend the Wi-Fi experience for thousands of conference attendees. INTEROP is the leading independent technology conference designed to inspire and inform the world’s IT community.

7signal is performing this service in conjunction with InteropNet, which provides high-speed network connectivity to the Interop attendees and exhibitors. InteropNet strives for 100 percent reliability and zero downtime and has asked 7signal to help them meet that goal.

The Wi-Fi performance management system that 7signal has put in place at Interop includes a set of sophisticated sensors called Sapphire Eyes. In addition to measuring all the Wi-Fi activity between clients and wireless access points, the sensors also behave as clients themselves on the network. They continually test its performance for reliability and quality of user experience, reporting all findings back to 7signal’s Wi-Fi analytics software, which is on display at booth 2454 at this years’ conference.

“Today, personal productivity hinges on great performing Wi-Fi services,” said Jeff Reedy, CEO of 7signal. “Regardless of industry, our unique network management system for Wi-Fi ensures you can be proactive in providing the best Wi-Fi possible. Performance issues are automatically discovered and reported in advance of user complaints.”

The 7signal Wi-Fi performance dashboard allows administrators to set service level targets for acceptable Wi-Fi performance and receive proactive notifications when performance slips out of compliance for application level metrics like throughput, packet loss, delay and jitter.

All together, the 7signal system is measuring 600 different Wi-Fi key performance indicators at Interop, making it the most comprehensive system on the market today for Wi-Fi performance management and service assurance.

The all-inclusive nature of the product combined with attendee demand for peak performing Wi-Fi were contributing factors to why InteropNet invited 7signal to participate in this year’s event.