7signal Optimizes Wi-Fi with Just One-Click in New Release 5

New Auto-Optimize feature takes guessing out of WLAN performance management

Orlando, FL and Akron, OH — 7signal, the leader in Wi-Fi performance management solutions, announced at the HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition, the release of Sapphire™ Release 5 software, which empowers network managers in hospitals to analyze and optimize mission-critical Wi-Fi networks with a single click of the mouse.

Working with 7signal’s patented Sapphire Eye™ sensor, the software measures over 600 Wi-Fi Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and aggregates the data into a Wi-Fi report card detailing every network issue found and its degree of severity. With one mouse-click, the software runs Auto-Optimize™ which allows network managers the ability to tap into over 100 years of combined 7signal Wi-Fi engineering experience. The result is a detailed report listing precise action-items and recommendations for remediation, leading to performance optimization.

“Whether it’s a doctor’s iPad or a computer on wheels, we’ve taken the mystery out of managing Wi-Fi networks for hospitals and healthcare facilities,” said Jeff Reedy, CEO of 7signal. “The system is unique in that it tracks and trends how doctors and nurses experience the network every day, week and month of the year. We’re excited to be demonstrating it this year at HIMSS.”

7signal provides support through every stage of the Wi-Fi Performance Cycle™ by actively measuring, analyzing and optimizing Wi-Fi networks on a continual basis. As the hospital environment changes over time, the system tells IT managers when and where they begin to have network problems a client problems. This proactive approach to risk mitigation provides ongoing Wi-Fi assurance, which contributes to IEC80001 compliance, keeping patient care in focus, while offering doctors and staff using the WLAN for Electronic Health Records (EMR) and other Meaningful-Use initiatives, high productivity.

About 7signal

7signal is The Wi-Fi Performance Company focused on improving the Wi-Fi experience for end users everywhere. Using its Wi-Fi Performance Cycle™ model for service assurance, 7signal helps its customers achieve peak Wi-Fi performance in support of initiatives that help businesses grow, increase operational efficiency and elevate worker productivity. It’s no longer good enough to simply have Wi-Fi. In this Age of Connectedness, 7signal makes sure Wi-Fi works well, all the time.