7signal Showcases Sapphire Cloud at Educause to Help Student Wi-Fi Experience

Orlando, FL and Akron, OH — Today, 7signal the Wi-Fi Performance Company is showcasing its new Sapphire Cloud for WLAN performance management at the Educause Annual Conference in Orlando, FL. Educause is a gathering of technology professionals in the higher-education space. Thousands of IT professionals congregate once a year to visit exhibits, attend workshops and listen to keynotes from leaders in higher-ed. 7signal will be demonstrating its new Sapphire Cloud platform that helps colleges and universities ensure the faculty and student Wi-Fi experience on campus meets and exceeds expectations.

Simplified WLAN Performance Management

Once you purchase 7signal’s state-of-the-art Wi-Fi sensors, called Sapphire Eyes, place them in the areas you designate. When the Eye powers up and connects to your network, it will establish a connection to 7signal’s Sapphire Cloud. It’s that simple. Network measurement and analysis is now ready to begin. The Sapphire Cloud means no need to provision or manage enterprise servers or databases, which dramatically reduces total implementation time. The web user interface allows you to view WLAN performance from any internal or external location. In addition, upgrades happen automatically and require no human intervention.

With the growth of personal wireless devices, Wi-Fi network performance management has reached a tipping point in terms of its importance to the student Wi-Fi experience at universities everywhere. 7signal designed its solution from the outside-in, with the student experience at the center. Its patented Sapphire Eye Wi-Fi sensors perform continuous user experience testing that simulates real-world WLAN network usage. By logging into the Sapphire Cloud’s Analyzer, IT professionals can view detailed information regarding the status of their network and obtain actionable intelligence for remediation and performance optimization.

About 7signal

7signal is The Wi-Fi Performance Company focused on improving the student Wi-Fi experience for colleges and universities everywhere. Using its WLAN Performance Cycle model for proactive performance management, 7signal helps its customers achieve and sustain peak Wi-Fi performance in support of initiatives that help businesses grow, increase operational efficiency and elevate worker productivity.