7signal Wins 2014 Unified Communications Excellence Award

The seventh annual Unified Communications Excellence Award recognizes and honors companies who have developed exceptional unified communications products that are leading the 7signal wins IT excellence awardway in this growing industry. 7signal has been recognized for its Sapphire Eye platform, which monitors and measures the quality of the Voice over Wi-Fi experience for organizations using VoIP Unified Communications (UC) systems. UC systems, coupled with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies are putting an increasing amount of pressure on the WLAN infratructure to perform as a mission critical asset.

You can link to the press release here.

The system works 24 hours a day and performs throughput, packet loss, latency and jitter testing. In addition, 7signal calculates a MOS (mean opinion score) specifically relating to voice quality and tracks it on an hourly and daily basis. This allows administrators to be proactive instead of always reactive to complaints. The system also analyzes your Wi-Fi network and provides recommendations for optimizing it.