Akron App Developer Emerges as Pathfinder for a Wi-Fi Driven World

An Akron startup wants to let you use its cellphone app to monitor Wi-Fi performance.

The software-development startup, 7signal, launched the app in July, and already news/entertainment company NBCUniversal is using it, with employees downloading it to their phones.

NBCUniversal is “like a lot of companies,” said Jeff Reedy, 7signal’s CEO. “They are cutting the cord [on landlines], getting rid of desktop computers and are heavily depending on employees’ mobile devices and the Wi-Fi working.”

The app is free. Where 7signal makes money is by providing companies and institutions access to data that shows how Wi-Fi is performing throughout their networks, whether they have a single location or multiple sites. Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind., is another early user of the app.

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