Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need something in addition to my access point vendor’s software?

Unlike WLAN controllers which provide infrastructure visibility and bandwidth utilization statistics, 7SIGNAL provides performance management from the client’s point of view using a system of sensors, apps and agents to crowdsource Wi-Fi experience data from real people using real devices. It more accurately identifies the root cause of many Wi-Fi performance issues.

How does 7SIGNAL differ from Wireless Intrusion and Detection products?

WIDPS focuses on security.  7SIGNAL focuses on the Wi-Fi experience of your associates and co-workers. Although 7SIGNAL can identify rogue access points on your network, it is purpose-built to provide Wi-Fi performance management.

I have automatic RF channel allocation function in my controller. Isn’t this sufficient?

Automatic channel control has underperformed in many implementations. Indeed, this feature provides some benefits in cases where there is only one, or perhaps a few interferers that can be mitigated  by a simple channel change. However, one automatic change triggers another change, and another… and the process continues. The constant channel changes lead to an unstable system that will destroy the Wi-Fi experience.

Why do I need 7SIGNAL when I already have tools like AirCheck from Fluke and NetScout?

Walkaround tools are not practical for our customers who have many buildings and campuses. They appreciate the centralized management the 7SIGNAL system provides.

Does the system tell you the changes to make to improve your Wi-Fi network?

Yes, the Auto-Optimize feature contained within our Wi-Fi analytics software provides you with a detailed list of action items for improving the quality and performance of your Wi-Fi network.

Does 7SIGNAL need to go everywhere?

Sapphire Eye placement is driven by the number of critical success areas you have and where it is most important to maintain optimal Wi-Fi performance. Use Mobile Eye on laptops, tablets and smartphones as a more economical way to monitor and track Wi-Fi experiences everywhere without the need for additional hardware or cable runs.