Mobile Eye™ Module

Finally, a solution that diagnoses Wi-Fi issues at the end point

Wi-Fi Performance Apps and Agents for Mobile Devices

Used in conjunction with Sapphire Eye, or used separately, Mobile Eye is an application or agent that is installed on the end user’s wireless device and empowers organizations to continuously monitor the wireless network.  Mobile Eye is compatible with many Windows, Android, Mac OS and iOS devices. Know if the issue is wired, wireless or device related in minutes.

Distribute Mobile Eye to your mobile workforce and you’ll have an army of users reporting on the Wi-Fi experience everywhere they go – giving you global visibility of Wi-Fi performance and device roaming behavior.

Wi-Fi performance tests are discretely run on laptops, tablets, scanners and pickers at pre-defined intervals in the background and are unnoticed by the user. Wi-Fi experience results are uploaded to the cloud. Trending data and comparison analytics are available along with device data such as WLAN drivers and signal strength. With built- in reports, issues can be resolved before the user experiences an issue.

Mobile Eye is equipped to handle wireless networks of any size and is completely AP agnostic. It can store 3 months of detailed historical performance data in the cloud so no need to worry about storage, backups or even feature upgrades.

Distributed organizations with large numbers of sites finally have an easy and economical way to get real-time visibility of the Wi-Fi user experience at any remote location. Instantly identify devices, buildings, floors, stores or campuses out of compliance with service level targets for Wi-Fi performance. Then take proactive and corrective action before anyone ever notices or complains.

Mobile Eye Benefits

  • User experience data your WLAN vendor cannot provide
  • ROI visibility into your IoT investments
  • Client and AP agnostic
  • System-wide WLAN visibility
  • Determine if issues are wired, wireless or client device related in seconds
  • Monitor Wi-Fi network performance inremote locations.
  • Export data to existing dashboards and applications to include wireless network details into current processes
  • Collect 90-days of device connection history

Mysteries of Wi-Fi Roaming Revealed!

Different devices roam differently and you need to understand how it all works so that you can help people when they ask about why their device "sticks" to distant access points. Read about it in this whitepaper.

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