Sapphire Eye 250

A portable enterprise-grade Wi-Fi sensor with a full spectrum analyzer

Sapphire Eye® 250 Portable Wi-Fi Sensor with a Full Spectrum Analyzer


Sapphire Eye 250 from 7SIGNAL® is a patented, portable, over-the-air (OTA) Wi-Fi sensor and software client designed to enhance wireless connections and improve the digital experience of end users and devices. Sapphire Eye 250 enables easy measurement and analysis of wireless network performance and fast deployment through the enterprise or remote sites without the need for expert installation.


Why Sapphire Eye 250?

  • Access point agnostic (Cisco, HPE/Aruba, Extreme, Mist, and all others)
  • Full spectrum analysis with over-the-air packet capture from any location.
  • Portable enterpirse-grade OTA Wi-Fi sensor
  • Continuous monitoring and testing for WLAN, LAN, and WAN
  • Easily perform remote troubleshooting
  • Identify digital experience performance gaps
  • Configurable root cause alarms
  • Reduce mean time to resolution
  • SLA compliance on over 600 KPIs

How It’s Different

Unlike your Wireless LAN vendor, the Sapphire Eye 250 sensor provides visibility of the Wi-Fi experience from the end-user’s point of view. Sapphire Eye 250 “lives on the edge”, where the wireless experience matters most.

Compliment your access points by getting the full story. 7SIGNAL sensors capture and analyze the entire RF environment and measure Ethernet connections separately from Wi-Fi. 

A Comprehensive Wi-Fi Performance Sensor

Compact but powerful!  Sapphire Eye 250 sensors capture and analyze the entire RF environment and Ethernet connections. Its full range of capabilities are listed here.


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Watch Scott Saluga, Senior Wireless Engineer at St. Elizabeth's Hospital present LIVE at Wi-FiTrek 2019

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