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#1 in the World for Wireless Network Monitoring

7SIGNAL Platform Overview

For organizations that rely on mission critical Wi-Fi to conduct business, 7SIGNAL is a cloud-based Wireless Network Monitoring (WNM) platform that continuously tests the wireless network for performance issues – maximizing network uptime, device connectivity and network ROI. Unlike other providers, who monitor the network from the inside-out at the infrastructure level, 7SIGNAL operates on the networks edge, monitoring the “air” and capturing the user experience on the client device. The 7SIGNAL platform is offered modularly based on the critical needs of the organization.


  • Sapphire Eye™ is a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi sensor developed and patented by 7SIGNAL. Sapphire Eye hardware sensors are installed on-site and are uniquely designed to measure wireless network service quality remotely by accessing cloud-based software.
  • Mobile Eye™ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application developed and patented by 7SIGNAL. Mobile Eye is installed on the end user’s wireless device and empowers organizations to continuously monitor the wireless network from the end user’s perspective – ensuring application and wireless device performance is optimized.

What is Wireless Network Monitoring? (Read our blog)

Wireless Network Monitoring (WNM) tools provide proactive notification of potential and actual performance problems encountered on the wireless LAN environments.

 The 7SIGNAL platform helps engineers find and fix the “Top 7” Wi-Fi problems:

      • Congestion
      • Coverage
      • Co-channel and radio interference
      • Network services
      • Roaming
      • Adapters & drivers
      • WLAN configuration

7SIGNAL benefits:

      • #1 in the world for Wireless Network Monitoring
      • Solve the “Top 7” Wi-Fi challenges
      • Device and access point agnostic
      • 100% SaaS delivery
      • Enterprise-wide visibility of Wi-Fi performance from any browser
      • Modular deployment to fit needs
      • Find and fix WLAN issues before users notice or complain
      • Track WLAN performance as the devices mix and usage evolves
      • Verify the true impact of WLAN configuration changes
      • Reduce the TCO of operating business-critical WLANs
      • Rapid SaaS deployment model

Vendor Independent

7SIGNAL goes beyond the data provided by access point (AP) vendors and is a completely agnostic solution that works with all industry-standard wireless access points, regardless of whether they are controller or cloud managed.

Cloud Architecture

7SGINAL is hosted in the Cloud in a SaaS deployment model, which gives you unlimited scalability and instant access from any location, while eliminating the cost worry of maintaining storage, servers, backups and software upgrades.

Reporting and Analytics

Login to 7SIGNAL to view Wi-Fi experience data from every corner of your global network. This enables you to proactively manage Wi-Fi performance trouble-spots before users and business critical applications are affected, instead of reacting to issues when it’s too late.

7SIGNAL collects up to 600 WLAN performance metrics from Sapphire Eyes and Mobile Eyes, stores all the data in the cloud, and presents it in a browser dashboard as meaningful analytics and Key Performance Indicators.

Our dashboard lets you monitor many sites from a single location and is color coded for quick and easy recognition of status and networks.  When performance levels dip below your service level targets, the you get a proactive email alert.

Platform Benefits

Visibility of Wi-Fi performance
Enables you to solve problems before users complain, and maintain Wi-Fi user experience SLAs network-wide.

Improve end user Wi-Fi experience
50-100% improvement in baseline network performance is typical after optimization using data from EyeQ.

Reduce troubleshooting 80-90%
Isolates device and OS issues from Wi-Fi and network issues and eases troubleshooting especially at remote locations.

Minimize risk of service disruption
Reduces risk of error by enabling you to make informed, fact-based decisions and validate the impact of all changes.

Slash operational costs
Dramatically reduces support calls and shortens MTTR, which lets you scale the network and support it with fewer staff.

Plan future upgrades
Helps you avoid premature upgrades and the disruption that causes by providing real data to justify equipment upgrades

Wi-Fi Analytics from 7SIGNAL

We provide access to historical and  real-time data for all the APs and clients in your network. It allows you to drill down to analyze non-performing areas to discover the root cause of WLAN issues, and get suggestions for improving network performance.

Detailed charts and graphs let you track and trend Wi-Fi performance over time and correlate data based on a myriad of variables. Trending reports also enable you to verify the impact of any changes made to your network.

10 Factors Affecting Wi-Fi Performance

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