WLAN Optimization Services

The purpose of 7SIGNAL’s WLAN Optimization Service is to remarkably enhance the capability, capacity and performance of your Wi-Fi network with the goal optimizing Wi-Fi coverage and enhancing the end-user experience.

During the optimization process, 7SIGNAL will recommend changes based on the data collected by our system and your current network configuration. The impact of each change is verified and reported along with a recommended next change.

The Wi-Fi optimization service includes a baseline report, up to three optimizations and includes a set of reports in the form of a PowerPoint presentation after each change.

Wi-Fi Optimization service consists of the following phases:

  • Discovery and the collection of data surrounding the WLAN environment
  • Baselining the area with a thorough set of measurements
  • Planning for your the Wi-Fi optimization
  • Implementing changes
  • Change analysis
  • Final report

General Requirements

  • Eyes may not be moved during the optimization project, as this affects baselining.
  • The 7SIGNAL system has been deployed to cover the WLAN optimization area.
  • 7SIGNAL must be given remote access to the system (VPN).
  • Once mutually agreed upon, the customer must implement the defined changes.
  • Customer must communicate all changes planned and made to the network during the project.

Sapphire Care and WLAN Assurance

Once the Wi-Fi optimization process is complete, you may want to consider another one of 7SIGNAL’s services. We call it Sapphire Care and it provides on-going Wi-Fi assurance in the form of Wi-Fi network monitoring and reporting services. This service complements the WLAN controller configuration work that you may regularly perform.

Sapphire Care Wi-Fi assurance service from 7SIGNAL includes:

  • Standard technical support during normal business hours
  • Baseline reporting demonstrating current WLAN performance
  • Quarterly reports generated by 7SIGNAL WLAN optimization service experts

*This service is only made available to 7SIGNAL customers.

Optimization Report

Download a sample optimization report to see how we track, measure and verify results in Wi-Fi networks.

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See How We Do It

Watch a video demonstration of our Wi-Fi performance management system in-action.

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