7SIGNAL Product & WLAN Optimization Services

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7SIGNAL’s Professional Services optimize the use of the our platform and ultimately enhance the capability, capacity and performance and ROI of your Wi-Fi network and keeping users happy.


Onboarding Packages are designed for all new customers deploying the Sapphire Eye™ & Mobile Eye™ modules and hardware. With the help of an Implementation Specialist, you will receive both technical guidance to properly configure the platform and troubleshooting assistance to help you optimize it.

This service may include, but is not limited to:

  • A dedicated Implementation Specialist for the first 90-days from the start of your 7SIGNAL Subscription Service

Your Implementation Specialist shall provide:

  • Assistance with the technical setup associated with your 7SIGNAL platform and modules
  • Advice and guidance on deployment, integrating your existing BI and notification tools and SSO integrations
  • Guidance on developing a troubleshooting strategy

You will also receive on-going access to resources including:

  • The 7SIGNAL Support Team
  • Certification courses, documentation, and virtual training programs from 7SIGNAL
  • Weekly “Best Practices Webinar Series”
  • The 7SIGNAL Customer Success Team

Onboarding also includes the following weekly virtual training classes

  • Getting Started – Mobile EyeQ, Analyzer: Single SLA, End to End, Alarms, Best/Worst Reports
  • Getting Advanced – Mobile EyeQ, Automated Alarms, Automated Reports


Virtual Engineer Service

The 7SIGNAL Virtual Engineer Service is designed to deliver customizable wireless network expertise to help you meet your performance and business objectives – that goes far beyond the Onboarding Service. With access to 7SIGNAL engineers, our knowledge community, processes, and resources, a virtual engineer can assist you in areas such as the design, testing, implementation, training and operational aspects of your 7SIGNAL Wireless Network Monitoring (WNM) platform.

The engineer will host reoccurring virtual meetings as a member of your team to gain knowledge about your requirements, network configurations, and challenges so that they can help you with the support and operation of your wireless network. The virtual engineer can also help you to avoid common network pitfalls—identifying potential issues and proactively engaging with 7SIGNAL technical and engineering (TAC) resources to provide recommendations to help address unexpected wireless challenges.

A mutually agreed Statement of Work (SOW) will detail the activities to be provided by the resident engineer, which will be based on the following service features and your specific requirements.

Service Benefits

  • Help you accelerate time to production with a 7SIGNAL trained and experienced professional
  • Help mitigate your risks and disruptions in wireless IT operations
  • Work with you to help identify and implement solutions designed to help eliminate problems and improve your user experience
  • Help scale up new services and applications over your 7SIGNAL wireless network
  • Assist with network troubleshooting and operational support to help in areas such as maximizing network uptime, reducing network operating costs, and accelerating revenue-generating activities
  • Provide support when completing verification tests on network design, configuration, interoperability, operating features, and functionality to help you achieve a quick and successful deployment

Service Feature Highlights

  • Service and resource planning
  • Assigned 7SIGNAL product and technology specialist
  • Engineering activates

Optimization Services

During the optimization process, 7SIGNAL will recommend changes based on the data collected by our system and your current network configuration. The impact of each change is verified and reported along with a recommended next change.

The Wi-Fi optimization service includes a baseline report, up to three optimizations and includes a set of reports in the form of a PowerPoint presentation after each change.

Wi-Fi Optimization service consists of the following phases:

  • Discovery and the collection of data surrounding the WLAN environment
  • Baselining the area with a thorough set of measurements
  • Planning for your the Wi-Fi optimization
  • Implementing changes
  • Change analysis
  • Final report

General Requirements

  • Eyes may not be moved during the optimization project, as this affects baselining.
  • The 7SIGNAL system has been deployed to cover the WLAN optimization area.
  • 7SIGNAL must be given remote access to the system (VPN).
  • Once mutually agreed upon, the customer must implement the defined changes.
  • Customer must communicate all changes planned and made to the network during the project.

Sapphire Care and WLAN Assurance

Once the Wi-Fi optimization process is complete, you may want to consider another one of 7SIGNAL’s services. We call it Sapphire Care and it provides on-going Wi-Fi assurance in the form of Wi-Fi network monitoring and reporting services. This service complements the WLAN controller configuration work that you may regularly perform.

Sapphire Care Wi-Fi assurance service from 7SIGNAL includes:

  • Standard technical support during normal business hours
  • Baseline reporting demonstrating current WLAN performance
  • Quarterly reports generated by 7SIGNAL WLAN optimization service experts

Optimization Report

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