Wireless Network Monitoring for Any Organization

With the growth of commercial and personal wireless devices, Wireless Network Monitoring has reached a tipping point in terms of its importance to the operational efficiency of many organizations. Whether it be in the warehouse, coffee shop, hospital, classroom or enterprise Wi-Fi is widely seen as a mission critical asset because of how it enables customers, students and professionals to enhance their ability to both collaborate and communicate.

Wi-Fi Performance Solutions for Hospitals

Wi-Fi networks are often asked to provide reliable connectivity to support life-critical applications which affect patient care. Interference, poor performing access points and an influx of doctor-owned devices along with constant changes in the RF environment, make it difficult to prevent or troubleshoot Wi-Fi problems.


Wi-Fi Performance Solutions for Universities

Students, professors and administrators grow increasingly frustrated when they experience network delays and slow throughput because it hampers their ability to teach and learn. IT professionals react to these complaints and waste time and energy chasing down issues all over campus.


Wi-Fi Performance Solutions for Enterprises

Most office buildings were built for wired networks with multiple Ethernet connections installed in every office, cube and conference room. But times and technology are changing rapidly. To elevate productivity and encourage creativity, you implement a liberal BYOD policy.


Wi-Fi Performance Solutions for MSP's

If you are a Managed Service Provider, then 7signal has the comprehensive solution you need to service customers properly. IT departments are attracted to managed services as a way to manage costs and add applications as more business functions migrate to mobile and cloud platforms.


Wi-Fi Performance Solutions for Manufacturing and Distribution Centers

Wi-Fi networks are often asked to provide reliable connectivity and high levels of performance to support mission critical processes as well as fast and accurate Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) which is critical to meeting cost and performance targets.


Comprehensive Wi-Fi User Experience Testing

Unlike other WLAN monitoring systems that measure performance from the central controller out to the clients, 7SIGNAL designed their system from the outside-in, with the end-user experience at the center. User experience testing simulates real-world Wi-Fi network usage in the form of 24×7 HTTP, FTP, SIP and URL testing. From this continuous testing, 7SIGNAL experiences the true Wi-Fi performance of the network throughout the course of the day and night, and measures throughput and latency as well as jitter that causes poor VoIP system call quality.

Get instantly notified when access points stop beaconing, or when throughput drops below a critical level in a particular service area. Proactively track and trend access point channel utilization and airtime utilization to identify how your environment changes over time.

Weekly Webinars

Every Friday at 11:00AM ET we hold an introduction to 7SIGNAL webinar. There are no PowerPoint slides. Just 2 product demos (Mobile Eye and Sapphire Eye) in 45 minutes, and a low pressure way to get lo-down on today's most comprehensive Wi-Fi monitoring and performance management system.

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