Solutions for troubleshooting connectivity issues for your remote workforce

You can provide the same level of support for your traditional and remote workforce with endpoint monitoring from 7SIGNAL!

Unfortunately, employees can’t bring their enterprise-level setup home with them. Unless they are IT professionals, they’re usually working with standard home Wi-Fi networks and hardware. Trying to run some of the same applications on this framework can create a few challenges—but business is expected to carry on, nonetheless.

7SIGNAL offers the only solution on the market that provides end user experience data from the “outside in”.

7SIGNAL’s Mobile Eye is an enterprise SaaS application installed on client devices that collects Wi-Fi data and compiles it into a dashboard for review. It is entirely AP- and device-agnostic, which is critical for workers using personal devices instead of corporate equipment.

Mobile Eye changes the approach to troubleshooting remote employees’ network issues by giving engineers infinitely more data to work with. You can see information on any network the devices have been connected to, as well as signal strength, data transmission rate, roaming history, channel connection, and more. You can also see data about the device itself, which helps address any potential causes related to hardware. Engineers can customize their view to see the information that’s relevant to their needs.

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The application provides timestamped feedback on the most common issues, such as roaming, coverage, congestion, and interference. Mobile Eye allows you to capture historical data that would otherwise be lost. This makes all the difference because if the end user isn’t experiencing the issue at the same time you’re talking to them, it’s very difficult to diagnose the problem. 7SIGNAL’s proactive approach to troubleshooting Wi-Fi gives network engineers a bird’s-eye view of end-user activity.

Although coronavirus is suddenly causing people to work remotely at higher rates, the trend is only growing in popularity with each passing year. And it’s also likely that remote work will become the norm for far more companies as this pandemic exposes them to successful remote-work experiments, and social distancing remains in effect for some time.

Prepare your enterprise for what’s here and what’s to come with Mobile Eye—a dynamic and adaptive tool that enables offsite troubleshooting of any network.