Wireless Network Monitoring

For Managed Service Providers

Monitoring Wi-Fi Against Service Level

We help Managed Service Providers (MSPs), all over the world find and fix WLAN issues for their customers.  7SIGNAL offers a comprehensive Wireless Network Monitoring platform for large enterprise networks.

The opportunity for MSPs is significant as the need grows for solutions that can monitor and track Wi-Fi performance  according to service level agreements. MSPs need systems that can provide proactive insights and Wi-Fi analytics along with dashboards and instant notifications when WLAN service levels start to slip out of compliance.

Wireless Network Monitoring

Implementing a robust state-of-the-art Wi-Fi network that can deliver reliability and performance is challenging for many enterprises. WLANs can be expensive and complex to set up and deploy as a result,  organizations seek assistance from MSPs. 7SIGNAL’s Wi-Fi performance management system for MSPs is the only solution on the market that proactively pinpoints performance issues before your customers know they exist. This avoids truck rolls and enables operators to troubleshoot issues remotely.

7SIGNAL offers many benefits to MSPs:

  • Continuous user experience testing for data and voice applications
  • Full coverage of facilities
  • Central monitoring of many customers with hierarchical partitioning
  • Automatic notifications sent when KPIs fall below preset thresholds
  • Easy to generate analytics reports to show customers performance against SLAs

7SIGNAL’s technology complements the management capabilities of existing WLAN controllers by delivering visibility into compliance aspects of the entire network and by crowdsourcing the Wi-Fi experience across many devices. As a result, MSPs can evaluate and analyze the whole WLAN environment, across the wireless and wired network.

The Wi-Fi Analytics You Need

Until now, wireless network tools were only able to identify failure or poor performance at the network level, such as a failing access point or lack of resources in a switch. This was helpful in identifying equipment failure issues, but did not provide detail as to the cause or impact of poor Wi-Fi performance to end users.

The 7SIGNAL Wi-Fi performance management system takes a unique approach to network performance monitoring by actively and passively measuring Wi-Fi data flowing through wireless access points. By measuring how users experience the Wi-Fi network, MSPs give assurance to their customers. Here are a few of the quality of experience Wi-Fi analytics you have at your disposal:

  • Data throughput – both upload and download
  • URL web page download speed
  • Voice quality – jitter with MOS scoring

Which module from the 7SIGNAL platform is right for your customers’ environment?

  • Sapphire Eye™ is a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi sensor developed and patented by 7SIGNAL. Sapphire Eye hardware sensors are installed on-site and are uniquely designed to measure wireless network service quality remotely by accessing cloud-based software.
  • Mobile Eye™ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application developed and patented by 7SIGNAL. Mobile Eye is installed on the end user’s wireless device and empowers organizations to continuously monitor the wireless network from the end user’s perspective – ensuring application and wireless device performance is optimized.

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