Wireless Network Monitoring

For Manufacturing and Distribution Centers

Wi-Fi Performance Challenges in Harsh Environments

For business organizations with manufacturing and distribution centers, speed and accuracy translate into revenue and profits. Because of this, technology is at the heart and soul of many distribution centers. High-performance Wi-Fi networks are deployed to support:

  • Workflow Performance
  • Inventory Management
  • RFID and Location Tracking
  • Label Printers
  • Pickers and Scanners

Wi-Fi networks are often asked to provide reliable connectivity and high performance to support mission critical processes as well as fast and accurate Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC). Both are  critical to meeting cost and performance targets.

High ceilings,  steel beams, shelving and machinery of a facility all wreak havoc on the RF environment. Interference, device roaming issues, poor performing access points and channel changing algorithms may be plaguing your distribution center and hampering your ability to service customers efficiently.

Workers grow frustrated when they experience Wi-Fi performance issues, network delays and slow throughput because it hampers the productivity of the entire manufacturing facility. IT professionals routinely react to these complaints and waste time and money chasing down issues. The usual set of WLAN troubleshooting tools are cumbersome and inefficient, plus  do nothing to assure, track and proactively monitor the quality of the Wi-Fi network moving forward.

The Solution

7SIGNAL monitors and tests the Wi-Fi performance levels throughout the distribution center 24 hours a day and proactively reports to you any dips in service level that might inhibit your workers’ ability to fill orders and service customers. 7SIGNAL provides Wi-Fi analytics by tracking and trending Wi-Fi performance. As the environment changes with different freight or machines that enter the environment, you’ll quickly see how this impacts Wi-Fi performance. This actionable intelligence ensures your organization can deliver the best and most responsive customer service.


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