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Get to know the most powerful Wi-Fi performance management system in the world that allows network administrators to “see” WLAN performance through the tracking and trending of key performance indicators, such as throughput, packet loss, latency and jitter.

Below are some introductory videos and webinars that give you a basic understanding of how 7SIGNAL works.

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Mobile Eye Introduction

Add Sapphire Eyes 50 Percent Faster


How 7SIGNAL Helps The Christ Hospital Improve Wi-Fi

An Exciting Introduction and Demo of 7SIGNAL

7SIGNAL Analyzer is a Wi-Fi Engineer's Dream

Why APs Make Bad Wi-Fi Performance Sensors

Wireless LAN Troubleshooting Use Cases

Mobile Eye for Crowdsourcing Wi-Fi Experiences


Sapphire Eye Architectural Overview

Sapphire Analyzer Demo

Wi-Fi Performance Measurements

Mobile Eye App Demo

Wi-Fi Transceiver Architecture and Performance

Wi-Fi Performance Boost with 802.11 k/v/r/u/ai

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How is your Wi-Fi performing? This program lets you evaluate 7SIGNAL in your environment so you can better understand the value of our Wi-Fi monitoring and performance management system.

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