4 Signs the Wi-Fi Problem Is Your Router

4 Signs the Wi-Fi Problem Is Your Router

When you can’t figure out what’s causing your Wi-Fi issues, these signs could mean it’s your router

Discovering the underlying issue with your Wi-Fi can be a challenge. Many moving parts create a stable, high-quality connection. Enterprises and organizations of all sizes have to deal with lots of traffic, new devices entering and exiting the network area, interference, access point placement considerations, and many other aspects of network management that could be the cause of Wi-Fi issues.

Sometimes the problem is as simple as your router needing an update, replacement, or reconfiguration. Here are four signs that the problem with your Wi-Fi is actually your router.

1. Slow or no internet connection—but only in certain areas

Is your Wi-Fi working in some areas and rooms and not others? This could be caused solely by your router, and it might be due to the following reasons:

  • The placement of your router. Make sure that the device is in a central location. For example, if the router is in a corner or far end of a building, a portion of the Wi-Fi will be available outside of the space where you need it, and it will avoid reaching some of the areas that do.
  • Antenna placement. If your router has antennas, try moving them vertically and horizontally to see if service improves.
  • Interference with other routers. When your business is located in a building with other organizations, interference can occur with nearby routers. You can try changing your router to a channel that’s not as crowded.

2. Slow transfer speeds

A big problem many companies face is slow internet when trying to do things like upload, download, or conduct video calls. Your router could cause these slowdowns. Try the following to address the problem:

  • Change the channel of your router to a less congested channel.
  • Reset the router. Sometimes, the router just needs to be reconfigured for it to work properly once again.
  • Replace your router. Just like any piece of tech equipment, routers can wear out over time or be supplanted by superior technology, and they will need to be replaced.

3. Your device can’t connect to Wi-Fi

If your laptop or smartphone can’t connect to the Wi-Fi, your router could be malfunctioning. To figure this out, try plugging a computer into the router directly via an ethernet cord. If you can connect to the internet that way, it means something’s wrong with the way the router is broadcasting Wi-Fi. Try resetting the router. If that doesn’t solve the issue, your router could need a replacement.

4. An unresponsive router

If you’ve been having issues with your Wi-Fi and your router is intermittent or unresponsive, check that all the cables are plugged in correctly and try resetting the router. If you still get nothing, it may be time for a replacement.

Similarly, if the indicator lights on the router aren’t continuing to blink normally, this could also be a sign that something’s wrong with the device itself.

Always try to reset your router, as many problems can be solved with a simple reconfiguration. However, remember that these devices need to be replaced after a few years, just like any piece of equipment you use to run and manage your network.

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