7signal Announces Sapphire Software Release 5.3

Akron, OH — 7signal, the Wi-Fi Performance Company, announces Release 5.3 of Sapphire, its market leading Wi-Fi Performance Management software. The software includes several new capabilities, including the introduction of the EyeQ™ Executive Dashboard.

EyeQ Dashboard Macro KPIsEyeQ provides a high-level view into the health of an organization’s wireless and wired network. EyeQ consolidates common Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the four major areas in which networks must perform well in order to consistently deliver a reliable, quality Wi-Fi experience for every user:  Authentication, Connectivity, IP Services and Quality.

A quick glance at the EyeQ dashboard provides critical information on how these four areas are trending against acceptable performance thresholds.  From the high-level view, the operator can drill down into component KPIs to quickly ascertain what is impacting performance.

EyeQ draws upon 7signal’s new Applications Programming Interface (API), also available with Release 5.3.  With the 7signal API, enterprise management software can be interfaced to 7signal’s analytics engine and database to gather information and integrate with metrics from other network elements.

With Release 5.3, 7signal also enhances Sapphire’s network services measurements by providing detailed KPIs on the DHCP and Radius components of the network. The Wi-Fi may be working just fine, but if these network functions are performing poorly the end user experience will suffer, and often the problems are misdiagnosed.  7signal’s sensors are in a unique position to provide this information since they attach to the network as a client. This enables Sapphire to measure the quality of the end-to-end connection.

Release 5.3 also introduces support for “Over the Air” (OTA) connections for its sensor family. The OTA option eliminates the need for an Ethernet connection to backhaul measurement results — an operator can quickly install a sensor without having to find, plan or wait for network drops. OTA is particularly appealing to service providers or enterprises managing the Wi-Fi in many distributed locations.

“We have listened to our customers, and Release 5.3 of Sapphire adds many new and exciting capabilities to our Wi-Fi Performance software,” states Jeff Reedy, CEO. “EyeQ in particular is the latest step in our overall strategy of providing unprecedented views on network health for the largest and most sophisticated enterprise networks.”

Sapphire Release 5.3 is available now.  Visit http://7signal.com to request a demo or talk to a 7signal representative.