7SIGNAL Expands Organization to Meet Demand for Wi-Fi Performance Management

7SIGNAL, The Wi-Fi Performance Company, is pleased to announce its expansion of new sales offices in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago and Kansas City. The expansion is in support of growth initiatives that require a presence in key markets across the country where 7SIGNAL has detected an increase in demand for Wi-Fi monitoring and performance management systems.

“Our own market research identified these four markets, in addition to others, as ideal for a permanent sales presence to meet the requirements of those large enterprise accounts in need of systems to help them manage their mission critical Wi-Fi networks,” stated Tom Barrett, CEO of 7SIGNAL. “More organizational coverage means quality remains high as we continue to grow.”

In addition to a 50% increase in organizational headcount, Barrett indicated that 7SIGNAL was on pace to double its subscription-based revenue in 2017. Earlier this year, 7SIGNAL relocated to the Cleveland area to a larger space, more centrally located in Northeast Ohio, to accommodate its growth and attract local software developers, and other talented resources.

According to Barrett, the most dramatic growth is expected in the healthcare, manufacturing and distribution sectors, in support of Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives. “Hospitals, manufacturing and distribution centers are particularly harsh environments for mission critical Wi-Fi. So, these facilities need a proactive Wi-Fi monitoring system to stay ahead of wireless issues that hinder organizational workflows and productivity. We’re excited to help,” Barrett went on to say.