7signal Experiences Record Growth as Demand Increases for Wi-Fi Performance Management

The Internet of Things and Enterprise Mobility drive need for Wi-Fi NPM solutions that monitor and measure the Wi-Fi experience, from end user’s point of view.

7signal, The Wi-Fi Performance Company, reported that bookings in the fourth quarter of 2015 grew 165% over the previous year’s fourth quarter, and that stronger growth is anticipated in the first quarter of this year. The company’s strong performance is attributed to the rapidly growing demand by enterprises for more reliable Wi-Fi as the mobile workplace becomes more embedded in corporate cultures around the world. New 7signal customers included AstraZeneca, Steelcase, Maserati and Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers (CHWC), who joined Georgia Tech and Beaumont Hospitals with significant deployments of 7signal’s unique Wi-Fi Performance Management solutions. These organizations and many others are utilizing 7signal to manage their Wi-Fi proactively in order to increase productivity and enhance the customer experience.

“We are no longer flying blind,” said Greg Slattery, CHWC’s Chief Information Officer. “My goal was to have a system that enabled us to take proactive steps to improve Wi-Fi performance and resolve issues before people complained. 7signal delivered on its promises and our team is now equipped to support more applications and more devices as we move forward.”

The foundation of 7signal’s cloud-based system for Wi-Fi Performance Management is its EyeQ platform, which monitors, collects and analyzes Wi-Fi experience data from all over the enterprise. When customer established service level targets for Wi-Fi user experience metrics such as throughput, delay and jitter begin to slip out of compliance, proactive notifications alert you before operational efficiency is impacted. The analytics engine within 7signal EyeQ immediately identifies areas of poor performance and provides recommendations for optimizing your Wi-Fi network.

“The Internet of Things is expanding rapidly thanks to the growing ubiquity of Wi-Fi. Reliance on high performance Wi-Fi has become mission-critical for many organizations,” stated Jeff Reedy, CEO of 7signal. “While existing solutions indicate whether the network is simply up or down, only 7signal benchmarks the actual Wi-Fi experience from the end-user’s point of view and then tracks performance hourly, daily and weekly against key performance indicators.”

7signal experienced especially strong growth with large enterprises, who are seeking to centrally manage global Wi-Fi networks. EyeQ’s simple web user interface allows IT executives the ability to view Wi-Fi experience metrics, per campus, building or floor, anywhere in the world. By measuring and tracking over 600 key performance indicators and distilling this data into actionable intelligence, 7signal is the most comprehensive and easiest to use WLAN performance monitoring system in the market.

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