Our Best Blogs of 2018

Our Best Blogs of 2018

Before the new year really gets going, let’s take a look at our best blog posts from 2018.

With growing digital markets and newly introduced technologies that depend on stellar networks—from the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables markets to online audio and video streaming—successful wireless networking performance has become more important than ever as we head into 2019.

One focus over the last year was in the realm of health care, in which having excellent Wi-Fi management is crucial for hospitals’ customer and employee satisfaction, life-saving capabilities, productivity enhancement, and overall bottom line. The new year will bring even more upgrades and network-connectable devices, and the new and improved Wi-Fi 6 will be introduced for the first time.

But before we start looking to the future, enjoy 7Signal’s best blog posts from 2018.

7SIGNAL® is a leader in enterprise Wireless Network Monitoring. The 7SIGNAL platform is a cloud-based Wireless Network Monitoring (WNM) solution that continuously troubleshoots the wireless network for performance issues – maximizing network uptime, device connectivity and network ROI. The platform was designed for the world’s most innovative organizations, educational institutions, hospitals and government agencies and is currently deployed at Booz Allen Hamilton, IBM, Kaiser Permanente, Walgreens, Microsoft and many others. 7SIGNAL continuously monitors the connectivity of over 4 million global devices. Learn more at www.7signal.com.